Your one-stop solution to optimize your talent marketing activities when it comes to brand fit, monitoring of cost and usage rights. Our services: Data-driven talent management of celebrities, key opinion leaders (KOLs), actors, artists, influencers and more, talent strategy, relationship management, negotiation and rights acquisition, world-class casting, social media talent guidelines, rights and license management.


Corporates, production studios and (advertising) agencies benefit from our End2End talent management service. Depending on your needs, we support you selectively or take over your complete talent management – so that you can focus on your core business. Our services at one glance:

Talent strategy:
talent search and ideation

relationship management including negotiation and contracting

talent management & controlling

World-class casting, talent screening & sourcing

social media talent guideline

rights, license monitoring and management


20 years of End2End talent management experience

For companies and brand alliances worldwide, we have been delivering excellence, customer centricity, stamina and ownership in everything we do over the last 20 years. In doing so, we work independently, data-driven and transparently. Data from more than 1500 benchmarking cases provides input for pricing, KPIs for ROI optimization and other insights for each project.

Our services for data-driven talent management and beyond

What if complex talent management was simple? Tanit matches brands with people and creates customized solutions. Whether you’re a corporate, production company or (advertising) agency, simply choose what we can do for you – we’ll take care of everything else.

Our promise

  • We provide independent and data-driven talent management for corporates as a one stop shop.
  • We maximize your brand impact with authentic talents that truly fits your brand.
  • With us you have access to a global talent and partner network – with full transparency on costs and licenses.
  • We draw up contracts for your projects. Our goal for you: Maximum creative freedom, locally and globally.
  • We identify potential savings through reference and benchmark data.
  • With us you are guaranteed to save budget – thanks to higher synergies.
  • Content creation: we work in close partnership with all production studios and agencies.

Talent strategy

  • Creation and optimization of talent strategies
  • Definition of ROI goals based on financial targets
  • Alignment of campaigns with existing brand guidelines
  • Researching suitable partners and talents
  • Briefing talents and partners on all requirements & guidelines such as topic affinity, tonality, emotionality etc.
  • Planning of your project – from campaign goals, work steps to ideas

World-class Casting

  • Independent talent casting of influencers, celebrities, storytellers, models, actors, artists and supernumeraries.
  • Social Media Talent Guideline: Creation of talent insights and sedcards – aligned with marketing goals, KPIs and brand attributes
  • For traditional media: talent PDF & e-castings / global live video casting / streetcasting
  • Database with access to all talents, including monitoring of usage rights with extensive talent and influencer pools

Relationship Management

  • Detailed analysis of price, market, talents and usage rights.
  • Optimization of rights in terms of territory and language + appropriate recommendation
  • Negotiation for initial contracts, renewals of expiring rights up to asset valuation
  • Best price guarantee after transparent briefing
  • Package deals guarantee high savings potential
  • We create customized contracts for talent and partnerships for you or support you in doing so.
  • On request we take over the onset talent handling for VIPs

Social Media Talent Guideline

  • Activity management of all talent-related social media campaigns
  • Synchronization of all marketing activities to all digital communication
  • Creation of guidelines for post concepts & formats
  • Artist pool building including a social media creator network with drone filmmakers and more
  • Snackable content production of all social media formats within efficient budgets

Talent management controlling

  • KPI tracking / ROI measurements
  • Benchmarking the performance; parameters: execution quality / branding / CI execution / creativity / brand tagging / interaction rates

Rights and license management: 1-click solution with SaaS contract archive

  • Tanit one click solution with SaaS contract archive: complete overview of all facts per project such as scope of usage rights, countries, channels, renewal options and customer-specific governance rules
  • Database for customers including rights alert mechanism with a proactive display of expiring rights and more
  • Renewal of expiring rights with only one click
  • Handling of ongoing requests for rights issues
  • Optional creation of your own talent pool

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